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  • 20 practical ideas for building ourselves up emotionally

20 practical ideas for building ourselves up emotionally


Blog post - 20 ideas for building ourselves up emotionally

Ideas for building ourselves up emotionally

Many of us have a tendency to put our emotional wellbeing last in the long list of things on our Cripes-Almighty-I-Still-Have-To-Do-That Lists. While it is true that proactively building ourselves up emotionally and emotional self-care won’t necessarily stop sucky shite from happening, I believe it makes it far easier to handle the jandal when it does...

Choose your own adventure, clearly. What does it for me might not be your bag, but here are some of my favourite emotional self-love habits. And not to mention they also help when it comes to tuning into both the gentle subtle whispers and her raucous don't dare f*@k with me roars of your inner soul voice, who has (trust me on this one) ALWAYS got your back.

A-ha! Building ourselves up emotionally, here goes...

(A mental note to self as much as anything else.)

1   Journalling it out.

2   Intentionally practising gratitude.

3   Choosing self-compassion; be kind to yourself, always (sometimes easier said than done but we can re-habituate ourselves!).

4   Meditating daily (even if it feels dumbass to begin with).

5   Convening with nature (even if it's just running around barefoot somewhere random).

6   Reading / listening / watching empowering things.

7   Having a bloody good psychologist / counsellor / coach (here in New Zealand there maybe funding options, so don't be afraid to ask about this if $$ are an issue).

8   Moving thy body.

9   Getting creative - with ANYTHING!

10   Clearing the clutter.

11   Honouring the importance of sleep (and if you have trouble with this then let me know, I may be able to help).

12   Utilising the amazing plant power of essential oils for helping to balance moods & emotions, being that they interact directly with the emotional centre of our brain.

13   Relaxing regularly with people you love and enjoy, as well as alone.

14   Letting yourself feel what you feel. Giving yourself permission without guilt, judgement, shame or any excuses why you shouldn't. (Tip: I find it super useful to get still & intentionally observe how my emotions feel physically within my body, rather than overthinking about them in my head. i.e. thinking about them is not the same thing as FEELING them!)

15   Laughter! 'Cos FA beats that 😂

16   Reminding thyself regularly to focus on what you want, NOT on what you don’t want. Easiest trap in the world to fall into this one.

17   Looking at thyself in the mirror and paying oneself a juicy compliment (fat day / bad hair day be damned) you are freaking GORGEOUS girlfriend, no matter what your inner critic says.

18   Celebrating stuff! Even the small wins. Celebrating YOU!

19   Being willing to have uncomfortable but important conversations AKA being vulnerable & honest (this can be SO hard, but pays off in spades).

20   Spreading kindness wherever, however.

Also hastening to add here...

Very few of these suggestions cost any $$$$ at all, just commitment and a little time. I'm sure worth it and so I know you are too.

I would love to hear your ideas too - of the things that help you. Because sharing is caring absolutely, wouldn't you agree?

Much love,


P.S. If you liked this, check out more self-empowering ideas.

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