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What might it do for you? Benefits of mandala making


creating mandala to help stop overthinking

Benefits of mandala making - beauty in the everyday

Getting creative, generally speaking, helps shift one out of thy head ...away from overthinking nothing useful and into free form flow feel instead, in my experience anyway. It really doesn't matter if you're "good at it" (whatever that means) or not; arty is playing with the right side of your head, literally. Seeing what occurs without being hung up on it. More specifically, are there potential benefits of mandala making that may be awaiting you?

What are some of the potential benefits of mandala making?

During New Zealand's full Covid-19 lockdown earlier in 2020, a friend invited me to join this Lockdown Mandala Challenge group on Facebook - finding beauty in the everyday. It got me both inspired and intrigued. But why are mandala so special and what are the benefits of mandala making that could be in store for you and me?

Mandalas are reputed to have as many meanings, interpretations and purposes as there are spiritual, religious and cultural alignments. For some they are a form of mindfulness - for others a spiritual guidance tool, meditation enhancer, a map or even a representation of the cosmos (metaphorically or symbolically speaking).

However, Carl Jung believed the urge to create mandalas emerges during times of intense personal growth, kind of like a rebalancing underway in the psyche. While art therapist and mental health counselor, Susanne F. Fincher, stated in her book Creating Mandalas: For Insight, Healing and Self-Expression that the benefits of mandala making includes helping to stabilise, integrate and re-order inner life.

Personally, I find mandala making relaxing, strangely comforting and there's no special anything required ...with the exception of a flat surface and whatever you might find hanging about wanting to be art.

Why not get your circle on too and give it a go? ♥️ 

Much love,


P.S. Getting creative in general (in my experience anyway) tends to be quite anti-anxiety, anti-depressive & anti-monkey mind going to town on thee. Endless options, choose your own adventure - so here's some more creatively ideas to help inspire you.

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