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Nourish you: Make your own natural nail serum


How to make your own natural nourishing nail serum with Doterra essential oils nz

Natural nail serum - make your own & nourish yourself

Self-care is any conscious act we take to nourish our own physical, mental or emotional health. Surprisingly - as I'm far from being a domestic Goddess, and that's the honest truth - making my own natural health & beauty products makes me feel both creative & empowered! Plus, it's a super easy, effective, inexpensive & a sustainable way to do things. Here's a favourite DIY at home natural nail serum recipe intended to nourish, strengthen, hydrate & stimulate your fingernail growth 100% naturally. Give it a go xx

What you will need for your natural nail serum

Ingredients & equipment:

>  1&1/4 tspn Fractionated Coconut or Jojoba Oil

>  1/2 tspn Vitamin E Oil

>  5 drops pure Lavender Essential Oil

>  5 drops pure Lemon Essential Oil

>  5 drops pure Frankincense Essential Oil

>  5 drops pure Myrrh Essential Oil

>  10 ml rollerball bottle

How to make your natural nail serum


1   Add Fractionated Coconut Oil to the rollerball bottle. You can do this by eye if you like - fill to approximately 2/3rds of the 10 ml bottle.

2   Add the Vitamin E oil. You can also do this by eye - fill almost to the top of the 10 ml bottle but leaving enough room for the essential oils in the top.

3   Add each of the essential oils (this works out to be approximately a 10% dilution rate).

4   Snap on the rollerball top so that it is secure and will not leak. Then gently shake the rollerball bottle to mix.

5   You may also like to add a label sticker (to be able to easily identify what's in the bottle).

How to use your natural nail serum

Guidelines for best results:

>  Remove any nail polish or artificial nails

>  Wash hands & nails

>  Roll serum back and forth over each fingernail - starting at the cuticle and nail bed, then massage into full nail

>  If you can, apply just before bedtime followed by a natural hand cream, then cover hands with cotton gloves overnight

>  Apply daily or at least 2-3 times per week.

Much love,


P.S. There's so many different ways we can nourish ourselves.

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