You are capable of more than

you know

On believing in ourselves

Hello. You get this too?

...that insidious voice inside your head, keeping you down, keeping you in that little box, doubting the f*@k out of yourself.

The one that doesn't want you breaking out, expressing yourself for real or playing big at life. It's against you sharing your unique & shit-hot talents with the world, whatever they might be. Hell-fire absolutely NOT!

"That's far too dangerous. I mean... what will people think?!!"

And the way it fills you up with secret guilt & shame over all sorts of stupid crap. That in the cold light of day there ain't no logical reason... yet, here we go again... that freaking voice that just won't stop...

"Who do you think you are to...?"

"You're nothing, nobody, look at you - you're a total mess!"

And of course, that old familiar echo:

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

In fact, you'd wanna slap her, your inner f*@ken critic, if she wasn't you.

So, a cunning plan...

For courageous women everywhere (i.e. you & me) to raise our middle finger & flip our inner critic the bird. Remembering, as we create positive change within ourselves that we are transforming the environment around us too ♥️

A simple plan. It goes like this:







OWN your Awesome

Because, just imagine:

I just knew it was time to be more of her - anthea whitlock
  • having heaps more confidence & self-belief
  • tapping into & trusting your own intuition
  • not giving a flying f*@k what other people think
  • flipping negative self-talk into far better stuff
  • having your own personal cheerleading squad
  • feeling courageous as anything
  • knowing what it is that really lights you up
  • feeling abundant & blessed ('cos struggle sucks!)
  • being more consistent in loving on yourself
  • ultimately & powerfully, being entirely up to you

...we are ALL worthy of this!

Flipping your inner critic the bird

Relax. There are no self-appointed Gurus spouting at you here, telling you what you must do or buy to have all your problems solved. Your journey is as unique to you after all, as mine is to moi.

From someone who's very much lived / living / recovering from my inner critic & lack of self-worth getting far too much air time most of my life - who literally still fights the urge to weep at times knowing just how universal not feeling "Enough" is - let us spread as much encouragement about the place as possible!

Because Girl you don't need to be saved, fixed or rescued by anyone else. Only you can do that, as you probably know. We each hold all of our own power. Exploring different ways to harness this knowledge & access it for ourselves ...and to have others who will hold space for that ...yep, this is absolutely where it's at.

You are capable of more than you know xx

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