We are capable of more than

we know

On feeling empowered

Hello. You get this too?

...that insidious voice at times inside your head, keeping you down, keeping you in that little box, doubting the f*@k out of yourself.

The one that doesn't want you breaking out, expressing yourself for real or playing big at life. It's against you sharing your unique & shit-hot talents with the world, whatever they might be. Hell-fire absolutely NOT!

"That's far too dangerous. I mean... what will people think?!!"

And the way it fills you up with secret guilt & shame over all sorts of stupid crap. That in the cold light of day there ain't no logical reason... yet, here we go again... that freaking voice when it gets on a roll...

"Who do you think you are to...?"

"You're nothing, nobody - and you definitely can't do THAT!"

And of course, that old knife-twist in the back:

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

In fact, you'd wanna slap her, your inner f*@ken critic, if she wasn't you.

That voice has us wrong though, my dears ...and we are SO much more than it xx

Ideas, perspectives, potential weaponry...

Hi, I'm Anthea

Anthea Whitlock

Mum, introvert, psychology student, writer & educational designer, and general encourager - with a sometimes special propensity for social awkwardness and raging inner critic. That's probably terribly uncool to admit publicly, but you see, I'm a real person ...which is something I really rather like about myself. This small wedge of the internet is thus officially dedicated to the quietly courageous everywhere (whoever you are & whatever it is you're gunning for) in raising our middle fingers & flipping the inner critic the bird. Yep, big ups for us! ♥️ 

Want to know more...?

Flipping your inner critic the bird

It's okay. There are no self-appointed Gurus spouting at you here, telling you what you must do or buy or be. I've not the appropriate qualifications (who has?) and while parts of our journeys might be similar, our own experiences are unique.

Having others though, who willingly encourage & hold space while we sus out or just get on with doing whatever-it-is that works well for us and honour our own brave ...yep, this is absolutely where it's at. So this being said, you too might feel that you have something positive to contribute here and want to get in contact.

You are capable of more than you know. I believe in us all xx