Courage & soul cures

There's no one out there handing out little certificates & official seals of approval:

"Yes ma'am, you're qualified - you've earned your self-assurance."

So, if (like me & for whatever reasons) you never developed a strong enough sense of self or confidence growing up, but you want it now ...well, you gotta take a run at it, grab it for all it's worth & f*@k what anyone else might think about that quite frankly. Scary, but awesome.

It's definitely an inside job in my experience. An adventure into self-discovery; toward whatever works for you in cranking up the volume on your true voice. The one that whispers perhaps more subtly initially, yet also far more expansively than your inner critic ever could, re your unique creativity & brilliance just yearning to be let loose. And which brings with it both healing & purpose. BEYOND EXCITING!

This website and community exist for spreading encouragement and sharing perspectives and self-loving ideas on raising that finger & flipping your inner critic the bird...

Courage &
Soul Cures

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