Courage & soul cures

There's no one out there handing out little certificates & official seals of approval:

"Yes ma'am, you're qualified - you've earned your self-assurance."

So, if (like me & for whatever reason) you never developed a strong enough sense of self or confidence growing up, but you want it now - well, you gotta take a run at it, grab it for all it's worth & fuck what anyone else might think about that quite frankly.

It's definitely an inside job. What is supremely helpful, I have found, is learning to sus out when it's your inner critic spouting off (i.e. most of the time; whose job it is to stop you risking anything & who should basically just be ignored) and how to turn up the volume on your soul voice instead - who whispers more subtley yet expansively the secrets you have inside you that you're yet to let out, but which bring both healing and purpose.

This website and online community exist for sharing ideas, perspectives and the encouragement you've always wanted to be & do more of YOU. To raise that finger & flip your inner critic the bird...

Dealing with your inner critic:

3 useful steps

Practical, empowering tips xx