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  • Do citrus essential oils uplift your mood?

Do citrus essential oils uplift your mood?

BLOG POST - Do citrus essential oils really uplift your mood?

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Most varieties are both inexpensive and super useful for so many different purposes, but do citrus essential oils uplift your mood?

As a first-time new mum some years back now, citrus essential oils quickly became a very simple mental and emotional support strategy for me. Especially through that seemingly never ending "oh-when-will-I-ever-get-enough-sleep" malaise; a reality that yawned itself out for a year or two at least following my wonderful son's entry into this world.

I've kept them close by ever since. Whenever I'm feeling dull spirited or lacklustre for any reason, I love how citrus essential oils uplift your mood.

Do citrus essential oils uplift your mood - what does the science suggest?

While our knowledge of essential oils and their properties used to be largely anecdotal, scientific research has increased exponentially over the last decade or so as their use has become more widespread and popular.

The following links to clinical studies detail some of the scientific findings on using citrus essential oils for their effects on mood, and for reducing both stress and anxiety:

Oh please do citrus me up


Popular citrus essential oils and blends

There are many different citrus essential oils and blends. Some of my own personal favourites include: LemonWild Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Tangerine, Bergamot, Green Mandarin and of course the very amazing Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend.

Simple ways to use citrus essential oils to help uplift your mood and energy levels

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most citrus oils are photosensitive, so please do not apply them to skin that will be exposed to sunlight within the following 12 hours. You may otherwise experience unintended sunburn and/or skin irritation in that area.

Here are some other very useful ways to use citrus essential oils to help uplift your mood though:

1   Add a few drops to an essential oil diffuser at home, work or in the classroom, etc.

2   Apply a drop to the bottoms of your feet (where the sun won't see) and rub in gently.

3   Put a drop into a beautiful essential oil necklace or bracelet diffuser, inhaling whenever you wish as you go about your day.

4   Place a drop onto the lapels of your coat or scarf that you're wearing (noting that truly pure essential oils don't stain, and even with white or light coloured clothing will come out in the wash.)

5   Or honestly, there is nothing easier than simply taking off the cap of the essential oil bottle and directly inhaling.

Nothing is simpler than inhaling essential oils directly from the bottle


Much love,


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