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Build up trust in your intuition with the help of essential oils


Blog post - How to sharpen your intuition using essential oils

Try this fun method to sharpen and enhance trust in your intuition with the assistance of essential oils.

Believing in yourself and your abilities relies a lot on being able to trust in your intuition - your own thoughts, instincts, desires & feelings. That is, rather than falling prey to any tendency to veto those in favour of your inner critic's or other people's viewpoints & opinions, because you don't feel sure of your own. Here then is a really fun, curious & easy activity to do to build up confidence and trust in your intuition with the help of high-vibing essential oils. 

Because we do ALL have an inner knowing, an inner wisdom – whether you feel particularly in touch with yours right now or not. And as I have learned through experience, it’s like a muscle… the more you exercise it, the sharper & stronger & clearer your intuition becomes. (And this coming from someone who used to operate almost entirely left-brained.)

So, keep your heart & mind open as you try this, and just see what occurs without having any specific expectations…

Things you will need for this "trust in intuition" activity:

>  A selection of highest quality essential oils and/or essential oil blends - at least half a dozen would be good, but you can layout as many as you like. (Note, there are a lot of crappy oils out there labelled as being the best thing since sliced bread, and I suspect this exercise may not work the same if using oils that are not genuinely pure & potent.)

>  A piece of paper & a pen or pencil.

How to go about it:

1   Set your oils in front of you in a random array - so that when you have your eyes closed you won't know which oil is which.

2   Close your eyes & pick up one oil bottle at random. DON'T OPEN YOUR EYES OR TAKE THE LID OF THE BOTTLE JUST YET.

3   Without peeking, simply hold the bottle of oil and open and invite your senses to tell/show you about the particular oil you have chosen.

4   Write down whatever comes to you. This could happen in any manner of ways - e.g. a sense of a certain emotion or energy, visual pictures, smells, words inside your head, colours, etc. There is no "right" or "wrong" here. And no matter how clear or silly it might seem, write down everything that comes to you. Take your time.

5   WITHOUT OPENING YOUR EYES when you are ready, remove the lid and inhale the oil that you're holding in your hand. At this point, you may or may not recognise which oil it is from its aroma, but either way just spend a few more minutes writing down anything new that any of your sense bring to you.

6   Finally, open your eyes to see which essential oil or blend you are holding. You may then like to look up the emotional and physical properties for that particular oil. Take some time to reflect on what you wrote down about the oil or blend from your sensory perception.

Much love,


P.S. If you liked this, here's some more self-empowering & creative nourishment ideas you might enjoy.

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