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Oh WTF-ever! Witty responses to your inner critic

Blog post - Witty responses to the inner critic

It is often fairly unoriginal and repetitive in it's chosen attack methods, but that doesn't mean you need to be in your responses to your inner critic.

So apparently, personifying the negative voice in your head to separate 'you' from 'it' and utilising humour is a highly recommended strategy that can help to defuse its power and seriousness. Collated here then, for your enjoyment and use, are some lesser known creative & witty responses to your inner critic. Enjoy xx


I silence my inner critics exactly the same way I silence my real-life critics: By saying to them very quietly but firmly, “If you don’t like what I’m doing, go write your own f**king book."


You’re going to fail. “So fucking what?” That’s what you say to that one. Because in my world, failures and mistakes are stepping stones.  


Do you know who is the most unoriginal, uncreative thinker? Inner critics!


No one can wrestle the pencil out of your hand. You get to keep going in absolute defiance.


Sometimes I could even smile about her widely exaggerated claims. She drew ridiculous conclusions based on a sample of one.


…because the message is being delivered by an arsehole, it’s really hard to listen.


 “If not me, who? If not now, when?"


If your inner critic continues to plague you with invidious comparisons, scream, “Ancestor worship!” and leave the building.


Thanks for your concern, but I got this. I was born, so I’m worthy.


The best advice that I've ever received from my coach is to remember that my inner critic is always loudest when I'm onto something big.

Much love,


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