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You are not just a hysterical woman. Period.

Blog post - you are not a hysterical woman. Period.

Note to self: Don't believe it, do not even entertain believing it. You are not just a hysterical woman ...despite anything to the contrary that the outside world or your inner critic gets mileage out of insinuating.

Okay, so you get emotional. Unruly even. Too hot to handle sometimes, even for yourself, and maybe especially at certain times of the month. Fair call; it can be unpleasant for everyone this is very true, but here’s a thing…

Maybe... just maybe... there is more to it. More value to be gleaned than simply another excuse for your inner critic to shame you, to belittle you away as an overly emotional, hysterical woman or an incorrigible moody witch; perspectives we seemingly so often and easily buy into. Because, one suspects, its how so many of us have been conditioned... shhh now, be a good girl...

Perhaps, in actual fact, the unruliness is more about these occasions being prime windows of lowered defences for your unrequited love for yourself to take advantage and express itself? To demonstrate that it’s thoroughly exasperated, angry, frustrated to heck & ruin of being (albeit maybe subconsciously) quashed & largely ignored by you for literally... well, decades may not be an over exaggeration?

Could it be that the REAL you, the one underneath all the responsibilities and the who-you-thought-you-SHOULD-and-are-SUPPOSED-to-be, is telling you with the proverbial sledgehammer now that...

FFS GIRL! I need you to give you a freaking serious look in, or we're all gonna die in here!!??

And is anyone listening? Or are we all too readily explaining it away, based on subliminal outdated patriarchal values that we still carry around deep inside of us, about hysterics and the (lack of) value that our emotions have?

And by doing so, are we actually disregarding and discrediting ourselves?

One of the most common things I get asked by other 40-something 'sisters' who know I sell essential oils is: Are there essential oils that will help with managing my mood swings at that time of the month? Well, yes, is my answer... but at the same time... have you ever thought about maybe also diving a little deeper into just what these strong emotions might be trying to communicate?

Just a thought xx

Much love,


I am in no way masquerading as a health professional. Any content published on this website has been inspired largely by my own personal experiences or those of others, and should not be understood or construed as professional or medical health care advice. Neither is this website intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition or disease. In full transparency, while aspects of this site may enable a source of income to help make its continued upkeep possible, the central focus is always encouragement which is lavished freely. Any products & services promoted have been used by me personally and shared only where I believe they may be of interest and benefit to you, dear reader.

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